Does my Glen Carbon, IL home need a humidifier?

home humidity control glen carbon il

As winter temperatures plummet, the air in your home can become uncomfortably dry. Not only does this contribute to chapped skin and static electricity shocks from everything you touch, but it increases the volume of dust and allergens floating in the air. Additionally, many viruses thrive in a low-humidity environment, increasing the likelihood that household […]

Why is my heat pump blowing cold air in Glen Carbon, IL?

heat pump

It is frustrating when the temperatures outside are frigid, but your heat pump is blowing cold air instead of warming the inside of your home. You turn the heat pump off and back on to see if you can “reset” the heating unit, but that does not work. You immediately assume that you need to […]

Edwardsville, IL Air Filter Replacement Rules

air filter replacement edwardsville il

Air filter replacement is an important maintenance task for your HVAC system. Unfortunately, there isn’t one hard and fast rule as to when you need to change it. Learn more about why changing the air filter on your HVAC system is important, and determine how often you should change it. Keep utility bills in check […]

Alton IL HVAC: Common Programmable Thermostat Problems

digital thermostat alton il

Your thermostat troubleshooting starter guide Whether it’s the middle of a winter cold snap or a balmy summer day, having a properly functioning programmable thermostat is essential for comfortable living in the Alton, Illinois area. If you start having problems with your system not maintaining the proper temperature, here are some things to consider. Does […]