What are the best ways to boost HVAC efficiency in Alton, IL?

hvac efficiency alton il

With these tips, increase the HVAC efficiency of your home and lower those utility bills in Alton, IL! An energy efficient HVAC system can help to keep your home at a comfortable temperature in both winter and summer. Increasing HVAC efficiency can also reduce the size of your energy bills. With these benefits in mind, […]

Should the thermostat be set to “on” or “auto” at my Granite City, IL home?

thermostat settings granite city il

Do you know the best thermostat settings for your air conditioning and heating units? Knowing the optimal thermostat settings can help avoid HVAC problems while providing the best cost savings and energy efficiency. As the leading heating and cooling company in Granite City, IL, we offer the following suggestions for setting your thermostat. Read on […]

Does closing doors & vents help the HVAC system at my Godfrey, IL home?

HVAC system

HVAC systems can account for up to half of monthly energy costs; it’s not surprising that homeowners might seek ways to increase system efficiency. One thing many people do to increase HVAC efficiency is to close vents and ducts in rooms they don’t use often. While that might seem logical because you’re cooling less space […]

How often should I schedule air conditioning maintenance in Edwardsville, IL?

air conditioning maintenance edwardsville il

You never want your air conditioner to fail when temperatures outside are uncomfortably high. To make sure that your air conditioner is ready for a scorching summer, you need to schedule your air conditioning maintenance well in advance of hot temperatures. Most HVAC contractors recommend that you schedule A/C maintenance at least once per year. […]

How will my Alton, IL home benefit from air duct cleaning?

air duct cleaning

As a home or business owner, you probably routinely change your air filters, but did you know that your air ducts require attention too? If you’ve never had your air ducts cleaned, you might start to notice that dust accumulates quicker on your belongings or you may start to sneeze for no apparent reason as […]