What are the most common air conditioning problems in the Holiday Shores area?

air conditioning problems holiday shores il

If you’ve ever been in a building, home or car that didn’t have a functioning air conditioning unit, you know how oppressive and unbearable it can be. Maybe the a/c unit needs to be replaced, or perhaps it is simply suffering from one of the most common air conditioning problems that plague home and business […]

Change your air filter to remove this from your Alton, home

air filter alton il

Alton, IL, is right on the Mississippi, which makes for beautiful views and a decent local economy. It also means mold and spores all spring long, which is just one reason to change out the air filters in your AC system on a regular basis. That filter is an underrated part of your home air […]

When should I turn the A/C on at my Godfrey, IL home?

air conditioner godfrey il

It isn’t always easy to decide when to turn your a/c unit on in the spring, especially for people living in the Hartford, IL area because temperatures sometimes go from frigid to warm and back to frigid again quickly. So how do you decide whether or not it’s time to start your air conditioner? Here […]

What is included in my Edwardsville, IL home’s air conditioning tune-up?

ac tune-up edwardsville il

If you live in the Edwardsville, IL area, you understand it can get hot during the summer months. Therefore, having an air conditioner that operates efficiently is important for homeowners. In fact, seasonal air conditioning maintenance is essential to keep your A/C unit performing well and to reduce the risk of breakdowns and costly repairs. […]