Why is my A/C unit frozen in Marine, IL?

frozen a/c unit marine il

It can be really frustrating when your air conditioning unit starts freezing up. After all, a frozen air conditioner can leave you and your family stuck in a sweltering house on a hot day, and no one wants that. Learn why your a/c is freezing up and what you can do to fix the problem. […]

Why isn’t my A/C unit blowing cold air?

a/c unit jerseyville il

The purpose of an air conditioner is to blow a current of cold air around your home and, therefore, keep your environment cool and comfortable. If your A/C unit is no longer blowing cold air, you may find you soon become uncomfortably hot. Before you search online for HVAC contractors in the Jerseyville, IL area, […]

Why is the A/C unit always running at my Edwardsville, IL home?

a/c unit air filter edwardsville il

It isn’t normal for your air conditioning unit to run constantly. Not only does a constantly running a/c unit result in a higher-than-normal utility bill, but it’s not good for the unit. It could drastically reduce the lifespan of the unit. If your air conditioner is running constantly, consider these things to determine if it’s […]

How can I take the stress off my A/C system for peak season in Alton, IL?

a/c system alton il

As temperatures soar in Alton, IL, many residents struggle to keep their homes cool. If your air conditioner is working overtime and yet you are still not able to keep your home cool enough during the day, these tips could help to take the stress off your a/c system this summer. Shut Out the Sun […]