The Advantages of A Ductless Heating System in Bethalto, Illinois

a ductless heating system in bethalto illinois

5 Advantages of A Ductless Heating System Homeowners looking to save money on heating and cooling costs are turning to ductless heating and air conditioning systems. There are five distinct advantages in switching to a ductless heating system. Save Money Ductless HVAC systems target specific zones of your house, allowing you to have one room […]

Experiencing Problems with Your Humidifier in Bethalto, Illinois?

Types of Humidifiers

Troubleshooting Your Whole House Humidifier Residents of Bethalto, IL call B & W Heating & Cooling for humidifier repair every day throughout spring and summer when dew points and heat start to rise. Identifying problems affecting your whole house humidifier before it fails completely not only prevents expensive replacement but also ensures you remain cool […]

Health Conscious: Is it Time to Install an Air Purifier?

is it time for an air purifier in bethalto illinois

We’re Health Conscious, But Missing a Key Concern We’re careful about what we consume each day. Many of us drink bottled water, eat organic food or at least watch the ingredients in our meals and we even consider what we watch and listen to. Meanwhile, we’re breathing between 2,100 and 2,400 gallons of air each […]

Reasons To Call A Professional for Furnace Repair in Bethalto, Illinois

3 reasons for furnace repair in Bethalto Illinois

3 Reasons to Quickly Make a Furnace Repair Call When something goes wrong with the furnace in your Bethalto, Illinois home, you should always take steps to address the issue right away. While it can be tempting to put off your furnace repair until a later date, especially during the warmer seasons, it is almost […]