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What type of A/C system is best for my Edwardsville, IL home?

a/c system edwardsville il

Has your current air conditioning unit finally kicked the can, and you don’t want to bother with air conditioning repair? Are you confused by the many air conditioning replacement options there are on the market today? Never fear! Learn what you need to consider before purchasing a new air conditioning unit and the types of units available.

New A/C Installation: What to Consider

Before you start shopping, there are a few important things to consider. First, since you live in or near Edwardsville, IL, you know that summers can be hot and winters can be brutally cold. You need an A/C unit that can easily and efficiently heat and cool your home. Second, how large is your home and what is the insulation like? Small homes or apartments can get away with window A/C units or split air conditioning systems, but larger homes may be best served with a central air conditioning unit. Lastly, are you looking for a quick solution or willing to invest in long-term climate control? Some A/C units will need to be repaired or replaced sooner than others.

Types of Air Conditioning Units

There are three main types of A/C units homeowners choose. Here is a breakdown of each:

Window air conditioning unit. Typically the least energy-efficient options, window air conditioning units are less expensive than others, but will only heat or cool one room. If you live in a small apartment or mobile home, this may be a good option for you.

Central air conditioning. Often the most popular for larger homes with an existing ductwork system, central air conditioning heats and cools the entire home evenly. While this option requires the largest initial investment, central A/C units last a long time if properly maintained.

Split A/C system. If you have specific purposes for sections of your home and do not need even heating and cooling throughout, you may want to consider a split A/C system. This type of air conditioning solution can accommodate larger spaces, is efficient, and may include additional features, such as allergen filtration and bacteria-killing technology.

Get Help from the Pros

If you don’t want to invest in A/C repair and would prefer a new A/C installation, it’s important to partner with a heating and cooling professional to ensure you choose the right A/C unit for your home. Serving homeowners in the Edwardsville, IL area, B & W Heating & Cooling is your local source for professional HVAC specialists. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.