10 Ways to Save Money on Your Bethalto, IL Summer AC Bills

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Homeowners in Bethalto, IL, enjoy the cool air that their air conditioning units provide. The only apprehension that they have is how much their electrical bill rises during the hottest months of the year. If you’re cautious about running your AC unit full-time, don’t worry. There are things you can do today to save on […]

Reasons to Schedule AC Preventative Maintenance

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5 Reasons to Schedule that AC Clean & Check Keeping your home energy efficient and cool in the summer is easier when you schedule regular AC unit cleaning and preventative maintenance. You might even save a little money, and there are five great reasons why you should add AC checks and clean to your home’s […]

Heating System Options: Furnaces vs. Heat Pumps

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Heat Pumps vs. Furnaces: The Pros, Cons, and Differences Between Them As an Edwardsville, IL homeowner, you have a choice to make on heating system options for your home. Since every home is different, you need to consider what will heat your house the most efficiently and keep your family comfortable regardless of whatever the […]

Reasons Your Energy Bills Are High in Maryville, Illinois

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Five Reasons for High Energy Bills Do high energy bills have you tossing and turning at night? At B & W Heating & Cooling, we take calls from people like you every day, asking us why their energy bills have been increasing over the past year. So we’ve compiled 5 common reasons why your energy […]

How to Gain Comfort and Control Costs with HVAC Zoning

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Zones: Why Use Heating and Cooling Where You Are Not? Zoned heating and cooling focuses your climate control where you need it. For example, if your upstairs is getting hot on a summer day and needs cooling, there’s no reason your downstairs family room should also be cooled until it is freezing. With HVAC zones, […]

The Advantages of A Ductless Heating System in Bethalto, Illinois

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5 Advantages of A Ductless Heating System Homeowners looking to save money on heating and cooling costs are turning to ductless heating and air conditioning systems. There are five distinct advantages in switching to a ductless heating system. Save Money Ductless HVAC systems target specific zones of your house, allowing you to have one room […]

5 Common Thermostat Problems Affecting your Home’s Comfort

Common Thermostat Issues Whether it’s the dead of winter or a hot summer day, there’s nothing worse than not having a functioning comfort system to keep you comfortable in harsh weather. If your thermostat is acting up, here are 5 common problems that may be causing it. 1. Age While there are a lot of […]

Benefits of Lennox Air Conditioners

Lennox Air Conditioners in Edwardsville, IL If there is one thing a homeowner in Edwardsville, IL needs in the summer, it’s air conditioners. When temperatures rise, the air inside the home stays nice and cool. That means that you and the rest of your family remain comfortable while the outside world swelters. Knowing all there […]

How can I boost my comfort system efficiency in Alton, IL?

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Tips to help increase your comfort system efficiency An energy efficient comfort system can help to keep your home at a comfortable temperature in both winter and summer. Increasing Comfort system efficiency can also reduce the size of your energy bills. With these benefits in mind, here are some tips for increasing comfort system efficiency […]

Should the thermostat be set to “on” or “auto” at my Granite City, IL home?

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Here’s what you should know about your home’s thermostat settings Do you know the best thermostat settings for your air conditioning and heating units? Knowing the optimal thermostat settings can help avoid HVAC problems while providing the best cost savings and energy efficiency. As the leading heating and cooling company in Granite City, IL, we offer […]