How to Prepare Your Alton, IL HVAC for Spring and Summer

HVAC Maintenance

As the weather starts to heat up, its time to get your Alton, IL homes HVAC system ready for the hot and humid summer heat. If you want high=quality indoor air, it is crucial that you have your HVAC system properly serviced each spring. Getting your system maintenance can also help improve the overall efficiency […]

The Most Common Boiler Problems that are Found in the Winter


When you are having a problem with your Alton, IL home’s boiler, and it isn’t working or producing hot water that is necessary to heat your home, a host of different issues can and will occur. Our team at B & W Heating and Cooling is here to help you see these problems so that […]

Knowing the Ins and Outs of a Ductless Heating System

Ductless Heating System

When owning your own home in Granite City, IL, there are many different decisions that you as the homeowner will need to consider when going about the process of finishing up the layout. You get to pick everything from the paint on the walls, the type of fans, and even down the different heating systems […]

Top 5 Reported Residential Furnace Problems in Alton, IL

residential furnace

When it comes to owning a home in Alton, IL, you have to keep in mind maintenance when it comes to your systems. Having your own home means that you have to take care of everything and not have something that is a call to make sure that these problems are fixed. There are different […]

Why Is My Alton, IL Home’s Heater Blowing Cold Air?


When you are finally in your Alton, IL home from a long workday in the winter, the first thing that we all want to do is get snuggled in from the long day. One thing that we may not expect to happen is our heater blowing out cold air. This can be so frustrating and […]

Common HVAC Problems During the Wintertime in Bethalto, Illinois


When the weather starts to get colder outside, the heat in your Bethalto, IL home gets turned up so you are all nice and cozy. However, since this is the time of the year that your system is working harder than normal, it may show signs of some problems. With this in mind, it never […]

Tips to Make Your Alton, IL Home’s Furnace Last Longer


On average the lifespan for furnaces in the Alton, IL ranges from 15 to 20 years. This can vary based on the quality and type of furnace that your home uses. However, ensuring that your furnace is properly maintained can help ensure a longer life for your furnace. Here are several tips that can help […]

The Best Ways to Heat Your Home in an Emergency in Alton, Illinois

Power Outage

One of the downfalls that comes along with the winter season in Alton, IL that doesn’t have to do with the cold weather, is the possibility of a power outage that may come with it. One thing that is never great is having no power in your home. What can make that feeling worse however […]

Why Does My Edwardsville, IL Furnace Fan Keep Running?

furnace fan

If you have a furnace fan that keeps running, you are not alone. This issue happens to homeowners across the country and even some right in the Edwardsville, IL area. We have several solutions for you on how to diagnose the problem and come to a solution to ensure that your furnace fan is not […]