The Benefits of Air Whip Cleaning in Edwardsville, IL


Most of us do not want to be breathing in dusty air that triggers our allergies and spreads out pollutants like dust mites. Thankfully for us, air whip cleaning is available. It’s an extra bit of cleaning that truly helps you keep your air ducts thoroughly clean, protecting you from all those nasty irritants. This […]

Five Reasons Why My Home Air Conditioner Is Leaking Water Inside

HVAC Maintenance

In the hottest months of the Maryville, IL summer, your air conditioner is probably running nonstop. It might be very alarming to see water dripping from your air conditioning unit. A big puddle inside would be the absolute last thing you need, not to mention the horrifying cost of repairs! Even though your air conditioner eliminates […]

Why won’t your HVAC fan turn off In Wood River, IL?

hvac fan repair wood river il

Along with the rest of your heating and cooling system, your HVAC fan should also turn on and off. While it is typical for the fan to turn on for a few minutes prior to heating or cooling beginning, it shouldn’t operate continuously for long periods of time. While it may not always be bad […]

3 Reasons You Should Purchase A HVAC Maintenance Contract for Your Wood River, IL Home

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Preventative maintenance aims to keep your HVAC system operational throughout the whole season. This will keep your system running as efficiently as possible while helping to avoid any unexpected problems. Since the typical homeowner hardly ever interacts with or sees their HVAC system, it’s simple to forget about it, which leads to it being ignored. […]

Warning Signs That Your Alton, IL HVAC System is Failing

HVAC System Repair

Summer is already approaching, and in Alton, IL the heat is no joke! With the average high temperatures ranging between 86 and 98 degrees, and so relying on your HVAC system in order to keep you cool is a must. If your system fails, this can make you and your family uncomfortable and could even […]

Freon Health Risks: What You Need to Know in Godfrey, IL

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Freon Health Risks: What You Need to Know in Godfrey, IL A chlorofluorocarbon needed for air conditioners to emit cold air, Freon is known to contribute to ozone depletion and carries several health risks. In addition to being found in older air conditioning units, Freon is also used in various industrial and commercial equipment, chest/upright […]

Ways to Know if your Air Purifier is Broken

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Ways to Know if your Air Purifier is Broken An air purifier is essential in maintaining indoor air quality. When it works optimally, it serves as a real asset. A broken air purifier doesn’t do its job to prevent allergens from collecting in the home. It can lead to health issues in your family members […]

How to Clean an Outside Air Conditioner Unit Without Paying a Pro

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How to Clean an Outside Air Conditioner Unit Without Paying a Pro Summer is approaching, and it is that time of the year when you have to make sure that your air conditioner is in the right working condition. With a top-quality air conditioner from reputable suppliers such as Tempstar, everything is bound to go […]

7 Benefits of Cooling & Heating System Maintenance

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7 Benefits of Cooling & Heating System Maintenance Owning a heating and cooling system helps modern homeowners stay comfortable year-round. It provides them with climate control indoors when the temperatures outdoors plummet or soar. Although an expense, AC maintenance and furnace maintenance are essential services that keep air conditioners and heaters working optimally throughout the […]

Reasons Why Regular Air Conditioner & Furnace Maintenance is Important

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The Importance of Annual Air Conditioner & Furnace Maintenance In Edwardsville, Illinois, where summers are sweltering and winters are frigid, we rely on our HVAC systems to keep us comfortable season after season. Annual maintenance on your furnace and air conditioner is essential for keeping your system running optimally. Here are some reasons that furnace […]