Ways to Know if your Air Purifier is Broken

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Ways to Know if your Air Purifier is Broken An air purifier is essential in maintaining indoor air quality. When it works optimally, it serves as a real asset. A broken air purifier doesn’t do its job to prevent allergens from collecting in the home. It can lead to health issues in your family members […]

Home Gyms May cause These Air Quality Concerns

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Air Quality Concerns Caused By Home Gyms You may have your home gym equipment stored in some weird corner of your basement or garage as most people do. You have focused on buying every gym-related item, including the machines, attires, and weights, but you have forgotten one tiny detail that could affect your health forever; […]

Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

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Improve your Home’s Indoor Air Quality – and Your Health You depend on your Edwardsville, Illinois home for a lot of things. It is your sanctuary from the outside world—a place to recharge and recover, a break from outdoor allergens and pollution. But the air you breathe might not be as clean as it could […]

The Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning in Maryville, Illinois

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Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning You may have heard that air duct cleaning services help to improve the air quality in your home. However, if you’re like many people in Maryville, IL, and other U.S. cities, you might be wondering if the service is really beneficial. Of course, you’d like your home to have good […]

Learn How UV Lights Can Enhance Your Air Quality in Edwardsville, Illinois

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Give Your Air Quality a Boost with UV Lights One of the priorities of owning a home is keeping the people who live there safe and clean. For you, that means keeping your Edwardsville, IL home free of outside contaminants, whether that might be unpleasant people, animals or pollution. Part of keeping your home clean […]

Maintaining Your HVAC System in a Home with Pets

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HVAC System Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners in Godfrey Illinois Properly caring for your HVAC system is essential for ensuring that it runs efficiently and effectively for years to come. If you have pets, then there are a few extra measures that you can take to keep your system at peak performance. Change Air Filters […]

Don’t Let Indoor Air Quality Suffer This Winter

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How to Improve Your Air Quality As nice as it is to have a good heating system during the winter, you need to keep it clean to keep indoor air quality good. Here are some tips for making sure the indoor air quality in your Edwardsville, IL, home doesn’t suffer while you keep yourself warm […]

Does closing doors & vents help my HVAC system efficiency?

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What you should know about efficiency & vents HVAC systems can account for up to half of monthly energy costs, so it’s not surprising that homeowners might seek ways to increase system efficiency. One thing many people do to increase HVAC efficiency is to close vents and ducts in rooms they don’t use often. While […]

Alton, IL HVAC Tips: What are the benefits of air duct cleaning?

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As a home or business owner, you probably routinely change your air filters, but did you know that your air ducts require attention too? If you’ve never had your air ducts cleaned, you might start to notice that dust accumulates quicker on your belongings or you may start to sneeze for no apparent reason as […]

5 Tips to winterize your home in Bethalto, IL

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Follow these tips to winterize your home properly When the weather begins to cool in Bethalto, IL, it is important to begin thinking about what you can do to get your home ready for winter. If you use a central HVAC system, this means clearing the ducts, checking the function of the heating elements and […]