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How To Make Your AC Colder in Edwardsville IL

When summer comes to Edwardsville, IL, it can be difficult to feel comfortable in your home. Your air conditioning system might struggle to bring the indoor temperature down to the level at which you feel most comfortable. If this is the case in your Edwardsville home, follow these tips to keep your cold air conditioning.

Clean the AC Air Filter

The job of an AC air filter is to remove dust, dirt, pollen and hair from the air that circulates in your home. In the process of cleaning the air, AC air filters gradually become clogged. You need to clean the regularly to keep your air conditioning system working well.

Turn off your AC unit, open it up, and take out the filter. Dip the filter in a bucket of soapy water to clean it. Rinse, leave to dry, and then reinsert the filter back into the AC unit.

Note that some air conditioning units, including some produced by Rheem manufacturer, have more than one filter. You need to clean all the filters to make your AC colder.

Make Sure Your AC Unit is in the Right Place

Air conditioning units work best when they are placed on the shady side of the house, which in Edwardsville, IL is usuallly the north of east side. Placing the unit on the sunny side of the house forces it to work harder, which can lead to it not being able to cool as efficiency.

Place the unit away from indoor obstructions, such as large house plants, armchairs, tables, sofas, and other types of furniture. This placement will allow your air conditioner to efficiently drive airflow around your home.

Use Ceiling Fans For Cold Air Conditioning

Ceiling fans help to distribute cool air around your home. They also create a breeze, which can help you to feel cooler. Adding ceiling fans to your home can make it feel colder with no need to upgrade your AC.

Use a Dehumidifier For Cold Air Conditioning

Dehumidifiers keep the air in your home dry. It is much easier for an AC unit to cool air that is dry than air that is damp. Running a dehumidifier alongside your AC can help to make it colder as well as reducing wear and tear on the unit.

Schedule a Tune-Up

To keep your cold air conditioning, you can have an AC tune-up is an opportunity for an HVAC professional to check your AC unit to ensure it is working as well as possible. If it has been a long time since your last AC maintenance or tune-up, schedule a check today.

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