Check Them Out

Check Consider the companies number of complaints. Because most people do not leave complain reviews, multiply that by three for a more accurate count. Be sure to read both compliments and complaints and compare the number and severity of both before choosing a company.

Go Local

Consider choosing companies that are closer to you than in the nearest large city, for example, St. Louis. You could be paying for their technicians for drive time, even if it is not stated on your bill. B&W Heating and Cooling only services about a 15 mile radius, saving us time and you from paying heavy fees.


Do not get tricked by large discount offers and coupons. We offer realistic rates so that there is no need for these tempting offers.

Be Flexible

B&W Heating and Cooling will schedule relative time blocks to avoid having to schedule exact times that usually come with hefty fees.

Predatory Pricing

Be mindful of high-pressure sales tactics and over-priced repairs that other companies will attempt. 

Pricing we are seeing in our area:




Our Pricing




Bad Blower Motor



Water Heater

$2,000 -$3,000


Complete System

$10,000 -$14,000

<$7,000 Better equipment & warranties

Air Conditioner or Furnace

$6,000 -$8,000

$2,500 -$4,000 available

What do you do if you find yourself in these circumstances?

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