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Replacing your heating system is an important decision and a large financial investment for your home or business. If you are tired of frequent repairs or your system is a few decades old, a new furnace installation may be the best choice for you. When you are ready to replace your old heater, call the experts at B & W Heating and Cooling for an affordable installation. We offer upfront pricing and financing to keep your environment comfortable while staying on budget.

We know that choosing the right company is as important as choosing the right HVAC system for your needs. Our family-owned -and-operated business has 70 years of experience with heating repairs and installations, and we are fully bonded and insured. The technicians we hire are qualified to install all makes and models of heating systems at commercial and residential locations.

Deciding When to Replace Your Furnace

Installing new appliances is expensive and most people try to hold off replacing them for as long as possible. HVAC systems are no exception to this rule. However, it is important to know when a furnace is beyond repair and needs to be replaced. Heating systems keep your family warm through the cold winter months that Edwardsville, Illinois experiences. It is inconvenient having to deal with frequent repairs and your family should not have to suffer the consequences of a cold house when your system stops working.

Furnace Installation Edwardsville IL

The following are factors to consider when deciding whether to replace your current unit.

Is your furnace safe?

The safety of your family, employees, and guests should be a top priority. Some damage to furnaces is dangerous and not worth repairing. Cracks, burning or sulfurous odors, and leaks need to be addressed immediately with an HVAC professional. Carbon monoxide, a lethal gas that is colorless, tasteless, and odorless, can leak from broken components on gas furnaces. If the damage to your furnace could become a safety hazard, you should replace your unit.

How old is your furnace?

If you only installed your furnace a few years ago, regular maintenance and tune-ups should catch most repairs before they turn into major issues. Depending on the model and original age, most furnaces last 15-25 years, so if your furnace falls within that range or older, you may want to consider replacing it.

Do repair expenses outweigh replacement cost?

If you have ever had to buy ink for your printer or received an estimate for a damaged car part, you are well aware that sometimes replacement is cheaper than parts and repair costs. Furnaces can work the same way. Replacement parts and frequent repairs may cost more in the long run than buying a new furnace.

Is your furnace energy efficient?

Most people look to upgrade their heating systems to a more energy-efficient model to save money and help the environment. There are also new federal laws in place that require an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating of at least 80%. There are also incentives and rebates available when you install an energy-efficient furnace. You can ask your HVAC professional at B & W Heating and Cooling for more information about AFUE ratings, incentive eligibility, and energy-efficient models available for installation.

Heating System Options

New Home Heating system Edwardsville Illinois

B & W Heating and Cooling provides a variety of energy-efficient heating systems from Amana, Goodman, and Aprilaire for your home or business in Edwardsville, Illinois. Any new HVAC installation with us includes Lifetime Replacement with failed heat exchanger, Lifetime Replacement with failed air compressor, and 10-Year Warranty on all parts. Below is information about a few of your heating options with us.

When considering heating systems, furnaces are the first type most people think of because they are so common in households. They can be powered by gas, oil, propane, or electricity and work in much the same way as central air conditioning. Heated air travels through ducts to warm your house through vents. Some of our most popular models have AFUE ratings between 80% and 95%.

Heat pumps use electricity to combine outdoor and indoor temperatures to heat your home and maintain a comfortable environment. It is more energy efficient than other heating options, which will be reflected in your utility bill.

Boilers can be installed in homes or businesses, but they are more common in commercial buildings. Pipes transfer hot water to heat the building, and you are able to set different temperatures on each floor. This is a cost-saving option that helps to heat larger buildings like schools and warehouses, and you have control over which spaces need more heat than others.

Ductless split systems are a great cost-saving option if you only need to heat a couple of rooms. Ductless just means that it does not use ducts to transfer heat, and each system heats a single room. Every room that has a ductless split system has an individual thermostat to control that room’s temperature. This would be ideal for rooms that run drafty or bedrooms for people who like warmer temperatures than the rest of the household.

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