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common boiler problems in Godfrey IL

common boiler problems in Godfrey IL10 Most Common Boiler Problems

At B & W Heating and Cooling, we respond to calls from Godfrey, Illinois residents about boiler problems every day. We’ve made a list of the most common boiler problems we receive and the possible reasons for the problem:

  1. Kettling

If you hear an odd, rumbling sound coming from your boiler, it may come from sludge or limescale accumulating on the heat exchanger. Kettling restricts water flow in the heat exchanger, causing water to overheat, boil and steam. If you suspect kettling, call us today and we’ll flush out the system, remove deposits and ensure your boiler is functioning properly again.

  1. Dripping and Leaking

A broken pressure valve, pump seal or other internal component is usually responsible for leaking. Leakage around the tank or pipes may be due to corrosion or a system that was not fitted correctly.

  1. No Hot Water or Heat

Low water level, thermostat failure, broken airlocks, and diaphragms or malfunctioning motorized valves are a few reasons your boiler may not have hot water or heat.

  1. Condensate Pipe is Frozen

Boilers may display a warning notification if the condensate pipe has frozen. Sometimes, applying a hot water bottle or warm cloth over the pipe may help. If you feel unsafe thawing a frozen condensate pipe, please call a technician for immediate assistance.

  1. No Pilot Light

Pilot lights that keep going out could indicate a thermocouple failure or deposit accumulation preventing the pilot light from remaining lit.

  1. Low Pressure

Water leaks, broken pressure relief valve or radiators that have recently been bled are a few reasons for your boiler to have low pressure.

  1. Whistling, Banging and/or Gurgling Sounds

Older boilers emitting these noises may be on the verge of a pump failure. While these types of noises could be kettling, it’s best to call us for help determining the exact cause of the noises.

  1. if your home is too cold, you could have a boiler problem in Godfrey ILHeat Turning On and Off By Itself

This is almost always a thermostat problem. Check to see if the thermostat is “on” and if settings are correct before contacting us about having your thermostat replaced.

  1. Boiler Switching Off

Closed valve restricting water flow, thermostat failure, circulating pump malfunctioning or low water pressure could be causing your boiler to switch off.

  1. Radiators Failing to Heat Up

Air or sludge build-up in the system may prevent the heating of radiators. We can fix this type of boiler problem by flushing or chemically cleaning the system.

Our technicians rely on Rheem, the leading manufacturer of boilers and HVAC equipment in the U.S., to replace boilers and their components.

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  • Angela Waterford The boiler has been making an odd noise ever since I stopped using a water softener system on my pipes to deliver soft water into my home. It's interesting to know that this could be caused by limescale that may have accumulated in there as a result of the hard water that has started flowing into it. I suppose I should call a service to repair it since it's really making a loud sound lately. Reply

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