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HVAC Zoning: Why You Should Invest In A Zoned System for Your Edwardsville, IL Home

HVAC zoning
HVAC zoning is a process that separates your heating and cooling systems and allows different levels of comfort to parts of your home. This allows you to set the conditions independently of each section of your Edwardsville, IL Home. You may like your bedroom cooler at night while focusing your air conditioning on your kitchen during the daytime. HVAC zoning allows you to have a higher level of control and customization over your home’s temperatures. HVAC zoning

How Does HVAC Zoning Work?

This system works by utilizing dampers that are installed either in the air ducts or in the air vents. These dampers can close and open as needed to deliver airflow to each section of your Edwardsville, IL home. Each area of the home would have its own thermostat that allows you to adjust the temperature individually for that zone. If multiple air registers or ducts serve a part of the home, multiple dampers can move at once. If you are wanting to install this system, please consult your local professional. The installation process can be complex and difficult. This is why a trained HVAC technician can properly evaluate the layout of your home, and properly install the HVAC Zoning system.

Benefits of Zoning

The HVAC zoning system offers homeowners in Edwardsville, IL several benefits for both their homes and wallets. Some of these benefits include:
  • Even Temperatures: A home that has an HVAC zoning system can help compensate for cold and hot spots in the home. This system helps address the heating and cooling needs of each zone. This balances out areas that can naturally be colder by giving them extra heat, and vice versus.
  • Personalized Comfort: Is your home a constant thermostat war? Using a zoned HVAC system can help put an end to these fights. This system allows individuals to adjust the temperatures for each section of the home.
  • Energy Efficient: This new type of system allows for air to get directed away from areas that don’t need it. This overall uses less energy to keep your home’s temperature comfortable. These also allow for dampers to better seal off areas, allowing for more energy efficiency.
HVAC Zoning We are able to install the zoning system into any home with ductwork, however, this system may not be the best option for every homeowner in Edwardsville, IL.  Zoned HVAC systems work best in large homes where there is plenty of space for separate zones. Some families can also benefit from zoning because the architecture of their homes creates a variety of temperatures. Want to learn more about HVAC zoning or have other HVAC questions, feel free to contact us at B & W Heating & Cooling today!