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Does closing doors & vents help my HVAC system efficiency?

HVAC system efficiency godfrey il

What you should know about efficiency & vents

HVAC systems can account for up to half of monthly energy costs, so it’s not surprising that homeowners might seek ways to increase system efficiency. One thing many people do to increase HVAC efficiency is to close vents and ducts in rooms they don’t use often. While that might seem logical because you’re cooling less space in your home, closing ducts won’t actually increase HVAC system efficiency. Read on to learn more about this common HVAC myth.

Why Closing Vents Doesn’t Make Your HVAC System More Efficient

air conditioning vents godfrey il

Cooling and heating systems are designed with specifics in mind, which is why professionals install certain equipment in certain homes. Your HVAC system is calibrated to push against a certain amount of pressure; if it has to pump air against an increased pressure, it can run more than normal or be overworked, leading to less efficiency and maintenance problems.

Closing vents can cause the pressure in the system to increase. Some issues that can come from closing vents include:

  • Frozen coils because of overwork
  • Duct leakage that wastes HVAC effort
  • A cracked heat exchanger and carbon monoxide leak risks
  • Mold and condensation issues in closed-off rooms, particularly in cold months
  • Reduced comfort in other rooms because airflow is no longer appropriate

How Can You Increase HVAC Efficiency?

HVAC technician godfrey il

One of the best ways to ensure HVAC system efficiency in the Godfrey, IL area is to have an experienced service professional maintain your equipment on a regular basis. Keeping coils and ducts clean and ensuring all the parts on your HVAC system are working well can boost energy efficiency.

Other things you can do to promote HVAC efficiency include installing a programmable thermostat and changing or cleaning filters on a regular basis.

Understanding When It’s Time to Replace an Old Unit

air conditioning replacement godfrey il

If you’re struggling to maintain comfortable temperatures in your home or are dealing with an unnecessarily high energy bill, talk to an HVAC professional before you resort to efforts such as closing vents and doors. Trying to close off part of your house won’t help if your HVAC unit is old or inefficient. You might have better luck increasing HVAC efficiency by replacing outdated equipment or having it serviced.

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