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New Heating Installation

New Heating Installation

New Heating Installation Wood River, Edwardsville, Godfrey, and Alton areas.

Each year it seems the winters in the Wood River, Edwardsville, Godfrey, and Alton areas are getting longer, making the days miserable. It’s nice to come home to a toasty warm, cozy environment. Although if the heat source in your home isn’t keeping up with the cold temperatures in the winter, maybe it’s time to look into installing a heating and cooling system from B&W Heating and Cooling.

Heating system installation is a process the trained, NATE-certified technicians of B&W Heating and Cooling excel in. As members of the B&W team, we are also residents of the Wood River, Edwardsville, Godfrey, and Alton areas as well. We understand the concerns the cold winter months bring, including the need for a heating system that works quietly, efficiently, and is dependable year after year. It is a necessity to keep your home at a perfect temperature and to save money on those explosive heating bills.

HVAC systems, whether gas or electric, can be installed quickly to give you and your family the comfort of clean heat. The thermostat is controlled by you, to keep temperatures at a perfect level and to save you money. A call today can have you sitting in a warm, comfortable home for the winter months ahead.


Installing a heating system will save you money on your heating bills. Unlike most heaters, the thermostat regulates the temperature accurately, telling the system when to operate and when to shut down. Timer settings are perfect options when the family is away at school and work, to keep it cooler in the home while you’re gone. When the temperature is below freezing, the thermostat continually monitors the temperature in the house, ensuring there is enough heat to protect against broken pipes, yet keeping it cool enough to reduce your cost. Right before you return, the heating system can be set to turn on again, offering you a warm, comforting home. Expert technicians at B&W Heating and Cooling can install a heating system in your home quickly to begin saving you money on your winter heating bill immediately. Other home heaters and ceiling heat may be labeled “energy efficient” but they do not allow complete control over the thermostat like a heating and cooling system. They tend to click off and on more often, raising the bill to heat your home. When you’re away, it’s dangerous to leave most types of heaters on. With a heating system, the heat is controlled and safe to operate while the house is vacant.