The most common question asked about these ductless air conditioning systems is, how does it work? A short answer would be that they work the exact same way as a central ac system does, but without the ducts. Both systems produce air the exact same way, by sucking the warm air from your home. They then both absorb the moisture and heat from the air, and then dump it outside. However, where they really differ is how they deliver the cool air back to you. Ductless ac systems blow cold air directly in the one room or area that it cools. Whereas the central ac system uses ducts to disperse it through out your whole home. Still trying to determine if you should switch your Alton, IL home to a ductless air conditioning system? Read on to see why you may want to make the switch today!

Ductless Air Conditioning System Cools One Room

These systems do exactly as their name suggests, provide you with cool air without using a duct system. These units don’t need ducts because they only cool one area. This is different from the central ac system as they cool the entire house.

ductless air conditioning system

These systems are a three-part system which contains the following parts:

Pros and Cons for a Ductless A/C System


ductless air conditioning system


If you are interested in trying out a ductless air conditioning system, look no further than contacting us at B & W Heating and Cooling. We will send one of our local Alton, IL area professionals out to assess your house to make sure this system is right for you.  Give us a call today!