Why won’t your HVAC fan turn off In Wood River, IL?

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Along with the rest of your heating and cooling system, your HVAC fan should also turn on and off. While it is typical for the fan to turn on for a few minutes prior to heating or cooling beginning, it shouldn’t operate continuously for long periods of time. While it may not always be bad […]

Important Reasons Never to Skip Your Yearly HVAC Checkup

HVAC Checkup

If your heating, air conditioning, or ventilation system has recently been operating well, you probably have not thought about scheduling an HVAC checkup.  Lucky for you, we are here to help you figure out why this is important for your home. East Alton, IL Homeowners schedule HVAC checkups before seasons of heavy use. This includes […]

What Should I Set my Edwardsville Illinois AC System While Away?


Setting Your AC Summer may be winding down, which means that we are all planning our last-minute vacations. For a typical week vacation, your home may be not be used for those seven days. Since no one is active in your home, you may think to yourself that money may be getting wasted because of […]

Am I Damaging My Thermostat? Tips for Wood River, IL Homeowners

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Does Switching Between Heat and AC Damage Your Thermostat? The weather in Godfrey, IL, is predictably unpredictable, particularly when seasons are changing. One day, it’s cold and snowy; the next day, the sun is shining and windows are open. In some cases, air conditioning may be necessary during the day to keep your home at […]

Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Working? Alton, Illinois HVAC Solutions

air conditioner malfunction

Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Working In Alton IL? When it is very hot, you need your air conditioner to cool down your house to make it comfortable for you and your family. Unfortunately, even the best air conditioners can fail sometimes. The good news is that with the assistance of a reliable Alton, […]

8 Benefits of Programmable Thermostats in Godfrey IL

Programmable Thermostat

8 Benefits of Programmable Thermostats in Godfrey IL Most people are installing programmable thermostats in their homes due to the numerous benefits that allow for cost savings and comfort. These gadgets are useful in maintaining a consistent temperature around your home. Here are the benefits of installing programmable thermostats in your home: Allows for consistency […]

Benefits of Lennox Air Conditioners

Lennox Air Conditioners in Edwardsville, IL If there is one thing a homeowner in Edwardsville, IL needs in the summer, it’s air conditioners. When temperatures rise, the air inside the home stays nice and cool. That means that you and the rest of your family remain comfortable while the outside world swelters. Knowing all there […]

How can I take the stress off my A/C system for peak season in Alton, IL?

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As temperatures soar in Alton, IL, many residents struggle to keep their homes cool. If your air conditioner is working overtime and yet you are still not able to keep your home cool enough during the day, these tips could help to take the stress off your a/c system this summer. Shut Out the Sun […]