Warning Signs That Your Alton, IL HVAC System is Failing

HVAC System Repair

Summer is already approaching, and in Alton, IL the heat is no joke! With the average high temperatures ranging between 86 and 98 degrees, and so relying on your HVAC system in order to keep you cool is a must. If your system fails, this can make you and your family uncomfortable and could even […]

Can Pet Hair Damage My Bethalto, IL Home’s Air Conditioning System?

Pet Hair

If you own a dog or cat, you know how much they shed. Finding pet hair on all of your furniture, clothes, and the floor is something that is common. All of the hair that has accumulated is unsightly and can be the cause of allergies. Did you know that this hair can actually affect […]

4 Great Tips to Improve Your Godfrey, IL Home’s Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

The air quality in homes and businesses in Godfrey, IL affects the productivity and well-being of those in it. With so many people working in a small space, pollutants and dirt can quickly build up. If this problem is not addressed, those affected will complain about headaches and even respiratory problems. We have created 4 […]

Do Ductless AC Units Save Granite City, IL Homeowners Money?

Ductless AC Units

Ductless AC units also referred to as ductless mini-splits, are a home cooling option that is growing in popularity in the Granite City, IL area. When considering if this type of system is right for you, the big question is whether this system saves you money or not? Our team is here to make sure […]

What happens When You Don’t Change Your Dorsey, IL Home’s Air Filters?

Air Filters

If you are like most homeowners in the Dorsey, IL area, you most likely aren’t thinking about your heating and cooling system until it breaks down, and you are forced to confront the problem. Among the many reasons why your HVAC system has failed, a dirty/clogged air filter can be one of them.  The air […]

4 Types of HVAC Filters Your Godfrey, IL Home Could Use

HVAC Air Filters

HVAC filters are essential for your system in order to keep your Godfrey, IL home clean and healthy. This includes all types of systems including Comfortmaker HVAC systems. When shopping for HVAC Filters, you will most likely find a variety of options to choose from. This includes a variety of sizes, efficiency ratings, and types. […]

How Often Should I Clean My Glen Carbon, IL AC Condenser Coils?

Air conditioning unit

Dirt and grime on AC condenser coils make it harder for your equipment to transfer heat. This means that it will have to run longer and work harder in order to do its job. By doing this, you will force the machine to use more energy and cause some of its parts to have damages […]