Do I Need a New Furnace in Bunker Hill, Illinois?


The holiday season is quickly coming upon us. One thing that comes with the holiday season is also cold weather. You want to make sure that this year, you stay cozy and inside your nice and warm Bunker Hill, IL home. With that in mind, if you are having some problems with your furnace, this […]

Reasons the Furnace Smells Like It’s Burning in Your Roxana, IL Home


A burning smell coming from the furnace in your Roxana, IL home is not always a cause for alarm. However, finding the source of the smell is extremely important.  Once you know the cause of it, you can pinpoint whether you need to take further steps. The main two sources that will require your attention […]

Tips for Winterizing Your Collinsville, IL Home!


When Winter starts, there is no better place than being warm and cozy in your Collinsville, IL home. To ensure this you will want to prepare your home, so it stays energy-efficient and cozy this winter. We have 5 simple steps on how you should prepare your Collinsville, IL home for this upcoming winter season. […]

6 Furnace Tune-Up Benefits to Start Now

furnace tune up alton illinois

Are You Ready for Winter? Here Are Some Tips to Make Sure Your Furnace Is. Although it doesn’t yet feel like it outside, the heating season has begun here. That’s because we have started performing furnace tune-ups for our clients in order to get their homes ready for the upcoming heating season. Scheduling an annual […]

How to Pick the Right New Furnace in Alton, Illinois

new furnace

A Buyer’s Guide to a New Furnace in Alton, Illinois. There’s nothing better than keeping your home at a comfortable temperature all day long, but that means buying the right furnace. If you’re looking for help choosing a furnace for your Alton, IL, home, our guide to buying one has you covered. Size and Power […]

When to Buy a New Furnace in Edwardsville Illinois

home thermostat

Tips For Buying A New Furnace For Your Historic Home There are many reasons why it may be essential for you to replace your old furnace. For instance, it may be over 15 years older, and getting a new one may cut the cost of operation and maintenance. It is also possible that you want […]

Using Mini Splits for Home Zoning in Bethalto, IL

air system units

Home Zoning and Mini Splits in Bethalto, IL One of the coolest parts about ductless mini splits is that you can use them to control the temperature in various zones in your Bethalto, IL, home. If you want to learn more about using mini splits for home zoning, we’ve got all the info you need […]

Clues Your Godfrey Illinois Furnace is Failing

Godfrey IL furnace problems

The Early Signs of a Failing Furnace in Godfrey Illinois If you live in Godfrey, IL, you aren’t a stranger to harsh winter weather. Because it gets so cold in the area, it’s important to make sure your heating system is always running in tip-top shape. Learn how to notice the early signs of a […]

How to Prepare Your Furnace for Fall & Winter

preparing your furnace for the winter

Preparing Your Furnace For the Winter One of the most important things you will do as an Alton, IL homeowner each year is preparing your home for the colder weather months of the year. Among the easiest ways to do so is to get your furnace ready for the work it’s about to do for […]