Tips for Winterizing Your Collinsville, IL Home!


When Winter starts, there is no better place than being warm and cozy in your Collinsville, IL home. To ensure this you will want to prepare your home, so it stays energy-efficient and cozy this winter. We have 5 simple steps on how you should prepare your Collinsville, IL home for this upcoming winter season. […]

HVAC Zoning: Why You Should Invest In A Zoned System for Your Edwardsville, IL Home

HVAC zoning

HVAC zoning is a process that separates your heating and cooling systems, allows different levels of comfort to parts of your home. This allows you to set the conditions independently of each section of your Edwardsville, IL Home. You may like your bedroom cooler at night while focusing your air conditioning on your kitchen during […]

A Fall Furnace & HVAC Checklist for your Alton, IL Home


Fall in Alton, IL can vary in temperatures, from warm sunny days to cold and snowy ones. But before we enter a cold tundra that is winter in the Midwest, you will want to check to make sure your home’s furnace system is running its best. Fall Furnace & HVAC Checklist Inspect All Alarms: The […]

How You Can Lower Your Humidity in Your Edwardsville, IL Home


While humidity in the air is beneficial, too much of a good thing can quickly become a bad thing. Summers in Edwardsville, IL, are typically very humid, and this can greatly impact indoor air quality. When humidity levels exceed 55%, the air is more likely to harbor allergens like dust mites, mold, and mildew. This […]

Why Is My A/C Unit Freezing Up

A/C Freezing

A/C freezing problems are the root cause of many summertime service calls by Edwardsville, IL, HVAC technicians. When an AC unit “freezes up,” it limits or even halts the HVAC system’s ability to cool the home. You may notice the evaporator coil takes on a frosty or frozen appearance, and your unit starts blowing hot […]

Is Summer The Right Time to Replace Your Bethalto, IL Homes Heater?


The scorching sun beating down on you in the summertime has you thinking about nothing but the cool air conditioning you’ll enjoy indoors. Why is it then, you’re thinking about your heater? Is summer the best time of year to replace your current model? The answer is “Yes,” because there is less of a demand […]

5 Signs It Is Time To Replace Your Godfrey, Illinois HVAC System

AC Replacement

The HVAC system is one of the most important components of your house. When it is uncomfortably hot, the system helps to lower the interior temperatures of your house to levels that are comfortable for you and your loved ones. When the weather is very cold, your HVAC system warms the interior of your house. […]

Why is My AC’s Condensate Drain Line Clogged in Edwardsville, IL?

hvac system

What To Do When Your AC’s Condensate Drain Line is Clogged Taking care of your AC is important, and that means keeping an eye out for problems and calling a professional for repairs. If you think you might have a clogged AC condensate drain line, here’s how you can get it fixed. Signs of a […]

Investing In A High-Efficiency Forced-Air Furnaces in Maryville, IL.

Furnace Maintenance

High-Efficiency Forced-Air Furnaces Everybody wants to save money when it comes to their electric bill, but that’s easier said than done. If you want to cut down on heating and cooling costs for your Maryville, IL, home, you might want to consider investing in high-efficiency forced air furnaces. Forced Air Furnaces Forced air furnaces are […]

Finding the Perfect Residential Heat Pump in Edwardsville IL

residential heat pump

Best Residential Heat Pump For Cold Weather in Edwardsville IL. If you want to know what the best residential heat pump is for cold weather, you’re in luck. It’s a subject we talk about frequently and something we feel confident giving you advice about today. We know the value of a good heat pump during […]