When should I switch the heating system on in Alton, IL?

heating system alton il

Do you find yourself wondering whether or not it’s a good time to turn your heat on? Many people try to put it off as long as possible because they want to conserve energy, while others wait until the temperature falls to a specific degree. While the decision to switch your heat on relies solely […]

Why is the A/C unit always running at my Edwardsville, IL home?

a/c unit air filter edwardsville il

It isn’t normal for your air conditioning unit to run constantly. Not only does a constantly running a/c unit result in a higher-than-normal utility bill, but it’s not good for the unit. It could drastically reduce the lifespan of the unit. If your air conditioner is running constantly, consider these things to determine if it’s […]

If I Place My Air Condenser in the Sun Will It Be as Effective?

air condenser unit alton il

Does It Matter Where Place My Air Condenser to Be Effective? One of the reasons why it’s so important to work with a high-quality contractor for all of your air conditioner installations is because there are many decisions that need to be made that can affect the overall performance of your new system. One such decision is where to […]